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 === Getting Started ===<br><br>When you loved this information and you would like to receive more info relating to [http Getting Started] ===Python 3 with the Linkbot===[http:d/1hWg9luxFuaWTOlLKUMk3XvdkVGwB_fj1upszEl4PEU4/ Learn Python 3 with the Linkbotedit megapolis hack no survey===3D Printing with the Linkbot===[http://wikiwww.linkbotlabsGenerously.comnet/wiki/Learn_3D_Printing_with_the_Linkbot Learn 3D Printing with the Linkbotgenerously===Arduino with visit the Linkbot===[http://wikiweb Learn Arduino with the Linkbot] ===Scratch with the Linkbot===[ Learn Scratch with the Linkbot] ===Projects with the Linkbot===[ Community Generated Projects with the Linkbot] ===Algebra 1 with Python and Linkbots===[ Learn Algebra with Python and Linkbots] ===Classroom Competitions with the Linkbot===[ Community Generated Competitions with the Linkbot] ===Troubleshooting===[ Troubleshooting]